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Tabitha Graham

Official Youth Remote Tweeter
avatar for Jack Snedaker

Jack Snedaker

Intern Assigned to Athlete Panel
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Katherine Snedaker, LCSW

PINK Concussions
Founding Executive Director
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James Snedaker

Intern Assigned to the Press Panel
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Hannah Richards

Intern Assigned to Marriott Shuttle
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Alex Von Riesemann

Intern assigned to Poster Session

Lindy Jewett

Intern Assigned to Briana Scurry
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Alicia Jensen

Intern assigned to Brian Hainline
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Natalie Intemann

Intern In charge of Check-in at Gaston
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Alex Sloan

Event Lead
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Eric Jewett

Military Liasion
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Meg Jewett

Awards Reception Lead, Staff Mama
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Dustin Fink, MS, ATC

The Official Tweeter