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avatar for Major General Margaret C. Wilmoth PhD, MSS, RN, FAAN

Major General Margaret C. Wilmoth PhD, MSS, RN, FAAN

US Army
​Deputy Surgeon General for the Army Reserve
avatar for Brian Hainline, MD

Brian Hainline, MD

Chief Medical Officer
avatar for Katherine Snedaker, LCSW

Katherine Snedaker, LCSW

PINK Concussions
Founding Executive Director


avatar for Rosemarie Scolaro Moser, PhD ABN, ABPP-RP

Rosemarie Scolaro Moser, PhD ABN, ABPP-RP

Sports Concussion Center of New Jersey
avatar for Christina Aldeanueva

Christina Aldeanueva

High School Student
avatar for Kristy Arbogast, PhD

Kristy Arbogast, PhD

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Co-Scientific Director and Director of Engineering for the Center for...
avatar for Christine Baugh, MPH

Christine Baugh, MPH

Harvard University
avatar for Shannon Bauman, MD

Shannon Bauman, MD

Concussion North
CCFP, Dip. Sport Med, Sports Medicine Physician, Medical Director
avatar for Jeff Bazarian, MD, MPH

Jeff Bazarian, MD, MPH

University of Rochester School of Medicine
avatar for Dorothy Bedford

Dorothy Bedford

Board Member
avatar for Timothy Bella

Timothy Bella

Al Jazeera America
Features Journalist
avatar for Donna Broshek, PhD

Donna Broshek, PhD

University of Virginia Health System
avatar for Mark Burns, MD

Mark Burns, MD

Georgetown U
avatar for Emilie Bydwell

Emilie Bydwell

USA Rugby International Player/ ATAVUS
Head of Rugby Programming /ATAVUS
avatar for Shane Caswell, PhD, ATC, CSCS

Shane Caswell, PhD, ATC, CSCS

George Mason University
avatar for Angela Colantonio, PhD, OT, FCAHS, FACRM

Angela Colantonio, PhD, OT, FCAHS, FACRM

University of Toronto
Director of the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute
avatar for Tracy Covassin, AT, PhD, ATC

Tracy Covassin, AT, PhD, ATC

Michigan State University
Associate Professor of Kinesiology, ATC
avatar for Melissa Coyne

Melissa Coyne

US Lacrosse Director of Games Admin
avatar for Paige Decker

Paige Decker

Yale Women's Ice Hockey
avatar for Bronson Elizabeth Delasobera

Bronson Elizabeth Delasobera

Medstar Sports Medicine/Medstar Emergency Physcicians
avatar for Thomas Dompier, PhD, ATC

Thomas Dompier, PhD, ATC

Datalys Center
Datalys Center
avatar for Connie Duncan, PhD

Connie Duncan, PhD

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
avatar for Mary Lee Esty, LCSW-C, PhD

Mary Lee Esty, LCSW-C, PhD

Brain Wellness and Biofeedback Center of Washington
avatar for Stefan Fatsis

Stefan Fatsis

avatar for Bonnie Ford

Bonnie Ford

ESPN.com/ESPN Magazine
avatar for Maria E. Garay, MSW, PhD

Maria E. Garay, MSW, PhD

Sojourner Center
avatar for Gerard Gioia, PhD

Gerard Gioia, PhD

Children's National Health System
Children's National Health System
avatar for Chris Giza, MD

Chris Giza, MD

UCLA Brain Injury Research Center
Professor of Pediatric Neurology and Neurosurgery
avatar for Cara Griffith

Cara Griffith

College Student
avatar for Odette Harris, MD, MPH

Odette Harris, MD, MPH

DVBIC, Stanford University School of Medicine
DVBIC site director and principal investigator
avatar for Brent T. Harris, MD, PhD

Brent T. Harris, MD, PhD

Georgetown University Medical Center
Director of Neuropathology
avatar for Mark  Herceg, PhD

Mark Herceg, PhD

Westchester County Dept of Mental Health and Burke Rehabilitation Asst Prof of Psychology in Clinical Neurology, Weill-Cornell Medical College
avatar for Patrick Hruby

Patrick Hruby

VICE Sports
Contributing Editor
avatar for Korin Hudson, MD

Korin Hudson, MD

MedStar Health
Assoc Professor at Georgetown U, Physician
avatar for Gwen Hunnicutt, PhD

Gwen Hunnicutt, PhD

University of North Carolina at Greensboro
avatar for Stanley Kay

Stanley Kay

Sports Illustrated
avatar for Peter Keating

Peter Keating

ESPN the Magazine
Senior Writer
avatar for Tim Kelly, MS

Tim Kelly, MS

United States Military Academy
avatar for Harry Kerasidis, MD

Harry Kerasidis, MD

XLNTbrain LLC, Chesapeake Neurology Associates, Center for Neuroscience at Calvert Memorial Hospital
Medical Director
avatar for Zachary Kerr, PhD, MPH

Zachary Kerr, PhD, MPH

Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention, Inc
avatar for Alexander Lin, PhD

Alexander Lin, PhD

Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Director, Center for Clinical Spectroscopy; Assistant Professor of...
avatar for Andrew Lincoln, ScD, MS

Andrew Lincoln, ScD, MS

, MedStar Sports Medicine Research Center
avatar for Tom Macleod

Tom Macleod

avatar for Catherine McGill

Catherine McGill

Children's National Health System
Pediatric Neuropsychologist
avatar for David Milzman, MD

David Milzman, MD

Georgetown U School of Medicine
Assoc Dean
avatar for Stephen Ray Mitchell, MD

Stephen Ray Mitchell, MD

Georgetown U School of Medicine
avatar for David Wang, MD MS

David Wang, MD MS

Elite Sports Medicine, Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Quinnipiac University
avatar for Chris  Nowinski, A.B.

Chris Nowinski, A.B.

Concussion Legacy Foundation
Founding Executive Director
avatar for Martina Anto Ocrah

Martina Anto Ocrah

Univeristy of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
Doctoral Candidate~Epidemiology, Emergency Medicine
avatar for Summer  Ott, PsyD

Summer Ott, PsyD

UT Medical School at Houston
Sports Neuropsycyhologist
avatar for Elizabeth Pieroth, PsyD, ABPP

Elizabeth Pieroth, PsyD, ABPP

NorthShore University HealthSystem
Clinical Neuropsychologist, Associate Director
avatar for Mayumi  Prins, Ph.D.

Mayumi Prins, Ph.D.

UCLA Department Neurosurgery
UCLA Department Neurosurgery
avatar for Josephine Pucci

Josephine Pucci

Harvard & US Women's National Hockey
avatar for Margot Putukian, MD, FACSM

Margot Putukian, MD, FACSM

Princeton University
avatar for T.J. Quinn

T.J. Quinn

Investigative Reporter
avatar for Samantha Rapoport, BA

Samantha Rapoport, BA

USA Football
Director, Football Development
avatar for Kathryn Schneider, PT, PhD

Kathryn Schneider, PT, PhD

University of Calgary
Assistant Professor/Clinician Scientist
avatar for Jessica Schwartz, PT, DPT, CSCS

Jessica Schwartz, PT, DPT, CSCS

and physical therapist
Concussion advocate, educator
avatar for Briana Scurry

Briana Scurry

#USWNT team
2x Gold Medalist, '99 World Cup Champion
avatar for Tad Seifert, MD

Tad Seifert, MD

Norton Healthcare
Director, Sports Concussion Program
avatar for Steve Stenersen

Steve Stenersen

US Lacrosse
President and CEO, PINK Board Member
avatar for Tom Trojian, MD

Tom Trojian, MD

Drexel University College of Medicine
Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship
avatar for L. Christine Turtzo, MD, PhD

L. Christine Turtzo, MD, PhD

Staff Clinician